First Class Murder Book Launch with Robin Stevens in Cambridge!

I have really been looking forward to this!  Yesterday I went to Cambridge to attend the amazing Robin Steven’s book launch party.  The book she was launching was FIRST CLASS MURDER. (It is the third book in the Murder Most Unladylike mystery series).

When we got to Waterstones in Cambridge there were no copies of Robin’s new book left! Oh no!!  This is lovely for Robin that her book is so popular but I needed to buy one! Kindly the Waterstones lady at the counter gave me her copy. She is very kind and if she reads this I want to say thank you so much.

Next, I got to see Robin again and she signed my book for me.  We had a chat and she is one of the nicest people I have ever met. She is always very kind and friendly to me.  Robin had made a very delicious cake and some tasty iced biscuits. I sat and had some….YUM!  I also met some of Robin’s nice friends and one of them had bright orange hair!

FIRST CLASS MURDER also has a bright orange cover. It looks very exciting! Here is the introduction:

“First Class Murder. Being an account of The Case of the Great Train Murder, and investigation by the Wells & Wong Detective Society. Written by Hazel Wong (Detective Society Vice-President and Secretary), aged 13.  Begun Sunday 7th July 1935”

Here is an extract from the part that I am on:

“Daisy plopped down on the edge of her bunk and pulled out a hardback from her travelling bag.  I should not have been surprised to see that it was Murder on the Orient Express’

In this book Daisy and Hazel are taken out of school by Mr Wong (Hazel’s father) to travel Europe on the Orient Express!! I am really excited to read it and I am sure it’s going to be a brilliant book.  I will read it while I am on holiday in Holland this week and I will review it soon.

Robin told me about an event on October 11th. I shall be going to Cheltenham to see Robin and Kathryn Woodfine (the brilliant author of The Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow)  I really can’t wait.

Here are some pictures of my brilliant day out in Cambridge, seeing Robin and getting another brilliant mystery book to read.

Robin Waterstones Camb 1

Robin Waterstones Camb 2Robin Waterstones Camb 3Robin Waterstones Camb 4Robin Waterstones Camb 5Robin Waterstones Camb 6Robin Waterstones Camb 7

(Thank you to Waterstone Cambridge for two of these photos of Robin)



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