Younger readers. Interview with Imogen about Nancy Drew Clue Crew

Here is my interview with my younger sister, Imogen. She is 7 years old.

Sophie: What’s the book called?

Imogen: Nancy Drew Clue Crew ‘Sleepover Sleuths’ (sleuths means detectives)

Sophie: What genre (Imogen: What what? Sophie: What type of) book is it?

Imogen: The book is a mystery book where Nancy Drew and her friends solve a problem.

Sophie: What is the main plot of the book?

Imogen: A special doll called Hollywood Heather goes missing at a sleepover party. One of the girls at the party must have stolen her.

Sophie: Who are the main characters in the book?

Imogen: Nancy Drew and her best friends Bess and George (Georgia).

Sophie:How old are the main characters?

Imogen: 8 years old

Sophie: What detective words have you learned?

Imogen: Evidence (clues) and Suspects (the people who they think did it).

Sophie: What did you like about the book?

Imogen: I really enjoyed this book.  I liked that Nancy Bess and George were having fun and not just being bored solving the things.

Sophie: Who would you recommend the book for?

Imogen: Probably 7 and older year olds

Sophie: What do you rate the book out of 10.

Imogen: 10/10

Sophie Says:

These are the first books of the Nancy Drew series. They are great for younger readers.  The Nancy Drew Diaries are the harder reading books (age 9 and upwards) Nancy is older and solves mysteries with her same friends Bess and George when they are teenagers.

Here I am interviewing my sister, Immy, about Nancy Drew.

immy interview 1

immy interview 2

I will be back with another book review very soon and my next interview will be with the amazing ROBIN STEVENS!!!



2 thoughts on “Younger readers. Interview with Imogen about Nancy Drew Clue Crew

    1. Thank you. We found the young reader Nancy Drew book when we went on holiday to Boston last month. I’m not sure if you can get them in England so my mum got them for my sister on the Internet. There are about 50 or something in the series! Best wishes Sophie 😊


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