Charlotte’s Web, the first book that made me cry

This book is by E.B. White. I read it about 2 years ago and the reason I wanted to write about it is because it was the first book that made me cry.

It is a book about friendship, love and how the animals came to help one and other. It is a real touching book and I recommend it but if you do be prepared to cry!!!

It made me feel like I wanted to become a character in the book and help the animals really badly.

The book is quite old now but there are new copies  you can buy. The story is about friendship and how it stays forever.

Charlotte's web

Here is my favourite part of the book. I could cry every time I read it!!

charlotte's web 2

Charlotte’s Web



Dead Man’s Cove & Kidnap In The Caribbean by Lauren St John

These two books are the first two books in the Laura Marlin Mystery books and the first books I’ve read by Lauren St John.

Dead Man’s Cove is the first story about Laura Marlin. It is set in St Ives, Cornwall it was helpful that I had been to Cornwall because it helped me picture it.

I like Laura because she’s determined, tough and loves to read like me. She also reads detective novels which is also like me. This is what inspired her to be a detective. Laura lives in an orphanage for eleven years and all she does is read and that is how she stays happy. then she finds out that she has an uncle in Cornwall and goes to live with him. Her uncle’s house is full of exciting secrets. Find out what they are in the book.

Next I read Kidnap In The Caribbean. It is set on a cruise boat. I haven’t been on a cruise before but it was described so well I could imagine it well.

Laura is on a cruise a long way from home and when things start to go wrong Laura, her friend and her dog want to leave but will try to solve the mystery even though it has put them and her uncle in grave danger…

I was very lucky to meet Lauren and get my books signed. She did a reading from her new book The Glory which sounds good. My best friend, Daisy read a couple of her books too. Lauren is a big horse lover.

These books were really good and I rate them 10/10!!!

signed book 3

Here is my signed copy of the book!

laura mmarlin books

Here I am at my desk with Laura Marlin Mysteries!


Book hunt in America

I have just come home from a lovely holiday to Boston in America.

While I was there I visted 2 bookshops – Barnes & Noble in Boston and Harvard Bookshop at Harvard in Cambridge (close to Boston).

My favourite author Robin Stevens has an American version of her number 1 book Murder Most Unladylike but in America it has a different cover and a different name.  It is called Murder is Bad Manners.  I prefer the English version cover and title, but it is still really good that you can buy it in America.

I was really happy to see it in both bookshops. Here I am…..


Here I am in Harvard Bookshop with Murder is Bad Manners.  It was a bit like Hogwarts.

bookshop boston

Here I am in Barnes and Noble Bookshop in Boston with Murder is Bad Manners.


An exciting book event on Tuesday 19th May

I was super excited to meet my absolute favourite author Robin Stevens as well as meeting Lauren St John and Kenneth Oppel. It was at a book event in Waterstones bookshop in Piccadilly Circus in London.

They each did a book reading from their new books. That’s how I heard a bit of Robin’s new book First Class Murder which isn’t even out yet!

Lauren read a part from her new book The Glory which is about about an exciting 1200 mile horse race in America. Kenneth read from The Boundless which is set on a train. They both sounded good. My best friend Jamie has read The Boundless. He would have loved to meet Kenneth.

While I was there I bought 2 books by Lauren St John – They are Laura Marlin Mystery books. Dead Man’s Cove and Kidnap in the Caribbean. I have read them both now and will review them soon.

I was so happy to meet with these great authors. I was really inspired by their talks.

At the end I got to meet Robin!!! I got my books signed and had a picture with her. I felt really shy. I had written her a letter and I was quite shy to give it to her so my mum did.  I think Robin loved it and she put it on Twitter!!


Here I am with my FAVOURITE author Robin Stevens. She is so lovely and kind.

signed book 1

My signed copy of Murder Most Unladylike

signed book 2

My signed copy of Arsenic for Tea

signed book 3

My signed copy of Lauren St John’s Laura Marlin Mystery books.  They are brilliant and I will write a review soon.


Here is the letter that I wrote to Robin Stevens and she posted it on Twitter!!! I felt SO happy! 🙂


Arsenic For Tea by Robin Stevens

After reading Murder Most Unladylike I couldn’t wait to start reading the second book Arsenic For Tea! So when I got it, straight away I started to read it.

This book was a bit different as it was set in Daisy’s house ‘Fallingford’. I really like how Robin Stevens sets all her books in different places. Fallingford to me sounds like an amazing house! I wish I could live somewhere like that.

This book is just as good as the first one and is about Daisy’s Birthday. Daisy has a little Birthday tea party when one of her guests fall very ill after being poisoned with arsenic!!!!! But now I’m not giving any more away.

Sadly I’m one of the many people waiting for Robins next book called First Class Murder to come out. I was lucky to hear a reading by Robin of her next book and it sounds great. I can’t wait to read it.

I rate this book 11/10 as well!!!

arsenic for tea 1arsenic for tea 2

Here I am reading Arsenic for Tea. I am having a bun break with a matching bun!


Murder Most Unladylike by Robin Stevens

It was a rainy May afternoon in Sevenoaks, Kent and I was out searching for a good book to read. I had just finished all the Harry Potter books and thought it was pointless even looking for a new book because after reading such a great series I never thought there would be another book as good as that.

There are 4 bookshops in Sevenoaks. 3 of them are close together but Sevenoaks Bookshop is further away. I had looked in the first 3 bookshops but couldn’t find a good book or I had already read them.

So I walked down in the soaking rain to Sevenoaks Bookshop and as I entered the most amazing book stood out in front of me. The cover was my favourite colour and it had a catchy name ‘Murder Most Unladylike’. I had found my perfect book at last!!! It was worth getting drenched for!!!

I read it in one day. It was so good I couldn’t stop reading it.

Murder Most Unladylike is about 2 girls called Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong and they’ve got a detective society but can’t find anything to detect UNTIL…..there is a murder in their school!!!

I said in my review of Malory Towers that I love the boarding school story and Murder Most Unladylike is also in a boarding school so I really liked that.

I just couldn’t guess who was the murderer right until the end of the book. It was exciting to find out! They have something called a bunbreak where they have precisely 10 minutes break to have buns. I wish we had that at my school!!

Straight away I read Robin Steven’s 2nd book Arsenic For Tea. I will write about that too.

Robin is my favourite author now and I was very lucky to meet her and get my favourite books signed. I will write about that too.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes mystery books. It can be for boys too. Just because it has mainly girls in the story doesn’t mean it is just for girls.  My 2 best friends are Daisy and Jamie (he is a boy!!) and they are both desperate to read it too.


I rate Murder Most Unladylike 11/10!!!


Dork Diaries by Rachel Renee Russell

Last year my best friend, Daisy, introduced me to Dork Diaries.

Dork Diaries are books that are about a girl called Nicky Maxwell.  Nicky is a dork which means she is not very popular are school. The cover says ‘tales from a not so fabulous life’.  That sounds a bit sad but they are really good!! I think they are more for girls.

Nicky has a best friends called Chloe and Zoe.  They stick up for her.  Her arch nemesis is called Mackenzie.  She is the most popular girl in school and tried to ruin Nicky’s life.  She is really horrible to her and tires to embarrass her.

Dork Diaries is American.  It is set in an American school called WCD. It’s really expensive to go there.

I like Dork Diaries because they are funny and if you are not so popular in school it makes you feel better about yourself in your own school.

Image result for dork diaries

I rate Dork Diaries 8/10!!